|||Baltistan Elementary Examination Cell DoEB has announced the consolidated results of Class 5th and 8th. There were total 11354 regular candidates appeared in Examination. In Class 8th 4241 out of which 3712 passed and 529 failed while the passing percentage remained 88%. In 5th class exams, total 7113 regular students participated out of which 4541 passed and 2572 failed while result of 5th class remained 64%.||Note: The result of Private candidates will be uploaded latter. If there is any query contact IT Section Elementary Examination Cell with in 15 days after announcement of result.||
Student Assesment Examination System
General Information
Semester system is being followed at all levels (Nursery to 8th). The main objective of this system is to test the curriculum throughout the semester. The academic year is divided into Spring and Autumns. The lessons are delivered and tested at short intervals. Spring and Autumn exams are designed to judge the level of understanding and assimilating the subject matter. These objectives can only be achieved if the students are regular and systematic in learning and testing.
A student must attend at least 75% of the classes held in order to sit in the final Examinations. There is no supplementary examination in semester system. If a student fails, he is required to hard work in second semester. If a student is unable to pass a course after second semester, he/she shall be failed.