||Baltistan Elementary Examination Cell DoEB has announced the results of 1st Semester, 2017.|| There were total 11761 regular candidates appeared in 1st Semester Examination, 2017. In Class 8th 4616 out of which 3988 passed and 628 failed while the passing percentage remained 86.4%. In 5th class exams, total 7145 regular students participated out of which 4771 passed and 2374 failed while result of 5th class remained 66.77%.|| Note: It is for general information that this result is not final. Final result will be prepared by calculating the aggregate marks of the Spring and Autumn Semester, 2017. Errors and omission are accepted. If there is any query contact IT Section Elementary Examination Cell with in 15 days after announcement of result.

Strategies of Diretorate of Education 

  • ·         Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers who are committed to deliver the expectations outlined in the vision and mission.
    ·         Ensure merit and quality in the admission of students;
    ·         Develop and deliver knowledge content that is relevant to the local context; that capitalizes on local comparative advantages.
    ·         Promote interactive and student centered learning.
    ·         Develop a culturally symbolic (architecture) and inviting school environment.
    ·         Undertake continued teachers and co- staff to maintain excellence in quality.
    ·         Promote multidisciplinary integration of educational programs in order to enhance the versatility of its studies.
    ·         Facilitate “access” through “distributive” learning and “decentralization”.
    ·         Seek multiple avenues for resource development.