|||Baltistan Elementary Examination Cell DoEB has announced the consolidated results of Class 5th and 8th. There were total 11354 regular candidates appeared in Examination. In Class 8th 4241 out of which 3712 passed and 529 failed while the passing percentage remained 88%. In 5th class exams, total 7113 regular students participated out of which 4541 passed and 2572 failed while result of 5th class remained 64%.||Note: The result of Private candidates will be uploaded latter. If there is any query contact IT Section Elementary Examination Cell with in 15 days after announcement of result.||
Gilgit Baltistan exists to the extreme North of the Country. Its borders join Xinjian province of China in the North, Chitral is the west and Kalam, Khoistan and Kaghan Valley in the South.
Towards the East are the occupied territories of Ladakh and Kashmir. Administratively the area is divided into seven districts i.e. Gilgit, Sakardu, Diamer, Ghanche, Astore and Hunza Nager with 22 Tehsils and 108 union councils including 07 municipal committees.
Gilgit Baltistan is the junction of four highest mountain ranges i.e. Himalayas, Karakoram, Hindukush and Pamir.  Northern Area comprises 72496 Sq Km. 90% of this i.e. 64066 Sq Km are rugged mountain area. The total forest covered area is 4% spread over a area of 3029 Sq Km. Total cultivated area is only 1.8% with the area of 1080 Sq Km. The cultivated  waste is 4.20% which is 4325 Sq Km.
  • During 1947 when Pakistan came into being, there were only 44 schools (30 Primary schools out of 80 schools in GB, 12 Maktab Schools, 01 Lower Middle school at Khaplu and 01 Lower High School at Skardu). For Higher studies students have to proceed Serinagar (Kashmir). The total number of students of Baltistan Region was about 1000 during 1948. In Baltistan there were only 01-Graduate, 04 Intermediate, 06-Metriculate and 100 Middle passed people in 1948. Till 1976, the Department was under control of Political Agent posted in Skardu. During 1977 Directorate of Education was established in Gilgit under the control of Federal Ministry of Education Islamabad. During 1979 the administrative control transferred to Kashmir Affair and Northern Areas Affairs Division Islamabad. During January 2008 separate Directorate for Baltistan Region Established and from 2009 the department is functioning under Self Governance Order.